Facebook zero: goodbye organic reach

Long gone are the days of a published post reaching all of your followers on your business’ Facebook page. Facebook is a clever enterprise too and they’ve realised how valuable their service is, especially for customer-facing businesses.

Have you noticed that you’re repeatedly getting that red, downwards-facing arrow in the ‘reach’ column of your Facebook insights? Want to know how to fix it? It’s simple… pay for boosted posts.

You could push out the most grammatically correct, enticing post, but that doesn’t matter to Facebook as their newest algorithm means the post will only go to around 6% (or less) of people who like your page.

“A recent a study from Edgerank Checker found that between February 2012 and March 2014, organic reach for the average Facebook Page dropped from 16% to 6.5%. Research from Social@Ogilvy, meanwhile, suggests that for Pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%.” – HubSpot

What’s more, if the page you’re linking to in your post has a lot of adverts on it, Facebook will be allowing even fewer people to see it as part of their new algorithm is to flush-out fake news articles.

How to work with the algorithm

Videos and GIFs always perform better on Facebook when compared to generic posts and even posts with a graphic. Without boosting, just having more video content on your Facebook page should improve your reach and interaction because Facebook favour video content.

If you’re no pro at creating and editing videos, Facebook Live might be a great option for you and your business. Facebook will favour content generated via their Facebook live feature and will push that out further than a generic post.

The live feature is pretty straight forward and will be easiest to use from your phone, just create a post like you normally would and click the ‘live’ option, give your video a title and click the ‘record’ button to start. This feature works well for businesses when they want to make a big announcement or as a ‘behind the scenes’ style post for an event or product reveal.

For best results

The best way to improve your post reach, in general, is to generate a bulk of high-quality video content (or have a videographer do that for you) and let a PR agency (like us) take care of boosting the posts for you. Why? because you have a business to run and they have experience in boosting posts to achieve maximum tailored reach, at a lowest possible price.

Having a business presence on Facebook is important and it will become critical in the future as they strengthen their ‘explore feed’ option. According to Adweek, already 62% of users check a small business’ Facebook page before shopping there and Facebook wants to keep their users on their app without leaving it to search for something outside of their platform e.g Google.

It’s really worth investing time and money into building up your business’ Facebook page because people are continually turning to the platform to shop and seek information and will continue to do so in the future. If you need a helping hand with any of your social media channels, drop us an email at enquiries@thesourcepartnership.com.